Our Idea

All of us on Adomeria are endlessly in love with home design, architecture, decorations and all that comes with it. We want to contribute the way we can with our products.

We see so much dull colours and lightning in our homes, it's an endlessly long tradition and we are here to help change it.

For those who want ofcourse.

Maria - Adomeria

Your Home

Where we most often want to spend our time is at home. Then why not make is as cozy and wonderful as you can. Splash it with color and personality, whatever suits you and just your style. Think outside of the box and look at home decor with a new spectrum. There is so much one can do with just one or two things.

We love to see what you do with our products. If you take any pictures please send them to us via the link below, we would love to see more. <3


Want To sell your products on our webpage?

We always want to expand our product catalog and if you have products that you wish to sell, let us know. We would love to hear from you.